Daily Active Users (DAU)

This metric is a measure of the success of an online platform or a mobile application. It gives us a snapshot of how many unique users are actively engaging with a platform or app on any given day.  

The Daily Active Users is a performance metric that counts the number of unique individuals who interact with a digital product, like a mobile app, website, or online game, during a single day. This metric provides insights about the stickiness of your product—that is, how often people come back to use it. 

How do we measure Daily Active Users? 

Measuring the DAU involves tracking and counting the number of unique users who open your app or visit your website within a 24-hour period. This count typically resets at midnight, local time. However, it’s important to remember that this metric only counts active users—those who perform some action on your platform, such as posting a comment, making a purchase, or even just logging in. 

DateNumber of DAUs
January 11200
January 21500
January 31400

This table, for instance, shows the DAU for a hypothetical app on three different days. Each row represents a different day, and the corresponding number of DAUs on that day. 

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