Dwell Time

This metric essentially measures the length of time customers spend in a physical store or on a digital platform. It’s a powerful indicator of customer engagement and interest – the longer a customer spends, the more engaged they likely are. 

How to Measure Dwell Time 

Now, how do we go about measuring dwell time? For physical stores, monitoring the customer presence could be done with technologies such as heat maps or CCTV analytics. These can provide accurate data on the time a customer enters until they leave. 

While it’s essential to track dwell time, it’s equally important to interpret and act on the data correctly to enhance customer experience and boost sales.

Since every business is unique, what you choose to measure will depend on your specific goals. However, dwell time is a universally valuable metric. It helps you understand your customers better, their interests, and how effectively your store or site grabs and holds their attention. 

A higher dwell time doesn’t always mean a better customer experience. It could also indicate confusion or difficulty navigating your store. Therefore, it’s crucial to combine dwell time with other metrics for a more holistic understanding of your marketing efforts.

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