Sales by Product or Category

This metric is pretty straightforward – it shows you the number of units sold for each product or category in a given period. 

Sales by Product or Category helps you identify which products are your best performers and which ones are lagging behind. It can guide your marketing strategies, letting you focus more on promoting products that need a boost or leveraging the success of your top sellers. 

How To Measure Sales by Product or Category 

You’ll need to have a good tracking system in place, which could be as simple as a well-structured spreadsheet or as sophisticated as a sales tracking software. 

Steps to MeasureDescription
1. Gather Sales DataCollect data on the number of units sold for each product or category.
2. Categorize the DataDivide the data into relevant categories. This could be based on the type of product, its purpose, price range, etc.
3. Analyze the DataExamine the data to understand trends and patterns. Look for products or categories that are selling well and those that aren’t.
4. Apply The InsightsUse the insights derived from the analysis to inform your marketing strategies.
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