Sell-through Rate

Sell-through rate is a metric that measures the percentage of units sold versus units received. In simpler terms, it helps you see how well your products are selling compared to how much stock you initially received.

How to Measure Sell-through Rate 

The million-dollar question, or perhaps a few thousand if we’re being realistic – how do you measure this beast of a metric? Here is the formula for you: 

 (Number of Units Sold / Number of Units Received) * 100

This formula will give you your sell-through rate as a percentage. 

A low sell-through rate might indicate it’s time to rethink your strategy. But a high sell-through rate? That’s a pat on the back and a green light to keep doing what you’re doing!

Sell-through Rate Calculator

The values you enter into this calculator are not saved or stored in any way.

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