Return on Ad Spend, ROAS

Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) is a critical metric in evaluating the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. In the simplest terms, ROAS answers the question, “For every dollar spent on advertising, how much revenue did we generate?”

Calculating ROAS is fairly straightforward, but it requires a clear understanding of your advertising costs and the revenue attributed to those efforts. You simply divide the revenue earned from specific ads by the cost of those ads. The resulting figure is your ROAS. 

ROAS = Revenue from Ads / Cost of Ads 

Deciphering ROAS can help identify areas for improvement. A low ROAS could mean your ads aren’t resonating with your audience, your targeting is off, or your product offering needs tweaking. Here are key factors to consider when analyzing ROAS: 

  • Revenue: How much income has been generated directly from your advertising campaigns?
  • Cost: What’s the total expenditure on those campaigns?
  • Profit Margin: What’s your profit margin after factoring the costs of goods sold (COGS)?
  • Customer Lifetime Value (CLV): Are your ads attracting customers who make repeat purchases?

While a high ROAS is usually a good sign, it’s not the only metric to consider. A comprehensive evaluation of marketing success should look at a variety of factors, from customer acquisition cost to customer retention rate.

ROAS Calculator

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